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Theyr Premium - Mobile (Annual) for iPad, iPhone, iPod iTouch



Precision Weather & Ocean Forecasts Overlaid on Nautical Charts

This map /chart will only work with the following software product(s). Ensure you own or intend on purchasing the software product(s) below before subscribing to this map/chart.

Platforms Software
Apple iPhone™ and iTouch™ iNavX™ for iPhone and iTouch
Apple iPad™ iNavX™ for iPad
Android PathAway 5 GPS Software Express for Android

Number of Activations: 2
(Total number of devices on which this map/chart/data may be activated)

Subscription Length: 365 days
(Total number of days which the map/chart/data is available for download after activation)


Theyr Globetrotter Premium Annual subscription delivers weather and ocean forecasts using the NOAA Global Forecast System (GFS) 0.5 and 1.0 resolution data and the higher resolution WRF/NMM 0.1 and 0.045 degree data for North America, 0.1 North Atlantic and Europe, 0.04 degree West Europe 0.08 degree Southern Hemisphere data. Overlay premium forecast weather data on your preferred nautical charts with clear visualization or animation. Data types include:
* Wind Speed and Direction
* Air Pressure
* Air Temperature
* Precipitation
* Wave Height, Period and Direction (WW3)
* Wind/Wave, Height and Direction (WRF/NMM)
* Sea Surface Temperature (0.5 and 0.083 degree)
* NOC Tidal Stream 0.02 degree (North-west Europe)
* NEXRAD (N. America).

Feel free to compare the features of your options clicking Theyr Weather Overview.

See an animation of Theyr weather on an iPad with iNavX at

Required: (a) iNavX app version 3.6.2 or higher. (b) Purchase of this Theyr one-year subscription within a current X-Traverse account. (c) Internet connection for refreshed current weather data.

How do I get started with iNavX on iPhone or iPad?

  1. Launch iNavX.
  2. Select Preferences | X-Traverse Account and enter the email and password of your X-Traverse account.
  3. Open a chart. If using a raster chart, choose one that covers a relatively large area to see meaningful patterns in regional scale weather.
  4. Select Forecast tab.
  5. Tap the option for Theyr Weather Parameters.
  6. Select the Region (ex. Global Forecast 0.5 Degrees)
    Notes: (1) Select one of the North America entries for NEXRAD Doppler radar in the next step. (2) Select Northwest Europe for Tidal Stream data in the next step.
  7. Select the Mode (ex. Wind Speed or whatever interests you).
  8. Tap the Save button.
  9. Select Chart tab to view an applicable chart area, preferably zoomed out.
  10. Tap the arrow button to advance to the next forecast time frame or tap the animate button to cycle through all forecasts frames.
  11. To select a different Region or Mode or change the transparency, select the button with the forecast date / time.

Can I switch between measurement units?
Yes, unit switching was included within iNavX in early 2013; if necessary, update your iNavX software version.

Can multiple weather forecast types be stored in iOS memory at the same time?
The web service model implemented in iNavX retains one type of forecast at a time. A different forecast type requires another Internet access to fetch data.

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